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key largo, montego…baby, why don’t we go…

so, not yesterday, but the sunday before i was headed back to nh after hanging with my temporarily a bachelor father in upstate ny… (mom is on a, like, 2 month road trip including stops in PA, FL, MS, Arkansas (what is the abbreviation for that? we have a LOT of states that start w/ a’s don’t we?), and KS) raegan lives about 30 mins from where my parents live, and she’d found me…months ago…i can’t even remember how, and she was planning almost 2 years out…so, there was no real rush to get things sorted.

we agreed we’d meet next time i went home. i almost forgot to call her, but…i didn’t (whew…that was suspenseful, huh?) luckily, she was able to meet me even though i called her friday and wanted to meet sunday. we got some delicious panera (and bonehead photographer gwyn forgot her wallet in the car, so raegan bought my sandwich. um, yeah…i WILL be making that up to her.) and just chatted like we’d known each other for years…eventually we got around to, oh yeah…i’m a wedding photographer, and you’re getting married. we talked a little about how neither of us is very frou-frou, and planning a wedding is a big…THING!

so, as is my custom, i sent her an email the next day saying, “it was so great to meet you, we’re going to have so much fun, thanks for that yummy sandwich, etc, etc…” (incidentally…the cilantro hummus at panera is DELISH!) she wrote back and said, “yeah, i went home and talked to joe…told him how we were talking about the whole wedding planning thing, and, uh…yeah, we’re thinking we might scrap it and do a destination wedding on the beach on grand cayman. is that something you’d do.”

i took a few days to respond to her. i had to think it over very carefully…you know, deliberate. going to the caymans isn’t something you want to rush into.

and by a few days, i mean a few nanoseconds, and i think my careful and deliberate response read something like this, “OMG!! are you serious? iwouldsodothatinaheartbeat!!” you didn’t know it was possible to be high pitched a shrill in an email, did you?

so, they’re going to get hitched on the beach in front of this amazing hotel:

so, my POINT in all of this is…if you’re thinking of hiring me, but you feel a bit daunted by the whole planning-a-party-for-everyone-you’ve-ever-known thing…yeah, GO with that.

i’ve never been to hawai’i…i love nz–even have a nz driver’s license…fiji, or really anywhere in polynesia is great with me, too. 😛

watch this space…in about 13 months, you’re going to see some UH-MAZE-ING photos.

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Amy29 April 2008 - 15:00

Hey girly!!!
Hope you get to shoot on the beach soon!

You’ve been tagged…. go to my blog to find out more!!!

jenniferL29 April 2008 - 19:24

wow… how’s that for a destination wedding! very cool.

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