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um, thrilled.

remember claire and bobby?  they of the awesomeness…the 29 year old male flowergirl, the princess bride ceremony, the combined last names, (did i mention the salad that was not so much salad as…a plate of meatballs?)  oh, and the puppets.  mustn’t forget the puppets.

anyway, they are currently, this very minute, featured on offbeat bride.  which means, by extension, so am i!  it was pretty much the best way to start my morning (side note:  being self employed means that if i want to go to bed at 3 and get up at 10, i totally can.  and i do.) to fire up ye olde mac and see the most fun wedding ever getting its due accolades.  (oh, and the interest from the offbeat brides whose quirkiness i truly embrace…yeah, that doesn’t hurt either.)

so.  yay for claire and bobby (whom i love so very much), and welcome, all those who have clicked their way here from OBB.  (good thing she didn’t call it off-the-beaten-track bride, because then it would be obtb, and if someone forgot that first b, it would just be confusing.  like…i thought i was coming here to bet on grey gander to show?  ok.  rambling now.  but since i’m already rambling, little known gwyn fact:  i worked as a mutuel clerk (read:  bet taker) at the saratoga racetrack for a couple summers in college.  totally fun.)

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