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you never know what skills you’re going to need in your job

for instance, the many viewings of zoolander back in college…they have served me in very good stead. at least once a wedding i suggest that people give me their favourite zoolander look. (i’ve had lots of blue steele, but le tigre and magnum make fairly regular appearances as well.)

(sometimes, one of the groomsmen hasn’t seen it. i just feel bad for them. i mean…seriously? you haven’t seen zoolander?)

and then…i told the bride to tell him something that would make him happy and excited. she said, “after today, there will be no more wedding planning, and you can play world of warcraft as much as you want!”

it worked. he was excited.

then i told him about how someone i know said he was going to be a level 41 husband (which, to be honest, i don’t really *get*. i DID play age of empires back in the day, but that’s as far as i ever took the whole…”i am going to own the universe, one stone wall or galley-crewed battleship at a time!” thing.)

they thought it was funny. see?

that is all.

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Ashley O'Dell27 February 2008 - 23:13

I actually haven’t seen Zoolander either, nice shots though!

mark brooke5 March 2008 - 17:46

great pictures everyone looks so relaxed

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