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woo hoo!

i got an iphone last week. not gonna lie; i’d been counting the months-weeks-days until my t-mobile contract ran out when i could join the iphone cult. (i’ve been firmly entrenched in the mac compound for YEARS…drank the kool-aid, wrote love letters to steve jobs…that kind of stuff…) i’ve always been a late adopter of things…stuff that people have been raving about for YEARS…i’m like, blah blah blah, whatever…and then one day, “OMG. THIS IS SO AWESOME!” so…when the iphone came out, i was like, “meh.” and then i got one of those flippy blackberries (and yeah…i liked it. so?) but it wasn’t so good with the internetting, so…i started iphone-lusting. and friday was IPHONE DAY!!!

(i firmly expect to have some sort of moment in a year or two where i decide sufjian stevens is the greatest thing since sliced bread.) (and maybe in 5 years i’ll decide to be a grown-up and like wine.) (i started reading the harry potter books i think after book 5 had been published. read them all in, oh i dunno, 2 weeks or so?) (there was a girl in my hs class who had a sign language interpreter. everyone else started learning the alphabet and other signs almost immediately, and i just…didn’t…for months. maybe a year. then one day i decided to learn, and there was no stopping me.)

i’m thoroughly enjoying adding apps i’ve heard about for years…playing games while sitting around waiting for things…staying far more connected than i probably should. and, of course, keeping the internet apprised of all the minutia of my life. my current favorite way to do this is instagram. it’s a free photo app that gives you some different post-processing options. they’re all a little intense, but still a good time!

unfortunately, instagram hasn’t yet implemented a web-based complement to their app, but if you’re an instagram user, leave your username in the comments so i can obsessively enjoy your minute-by-minute life updates in pictures. 😀

here are a few of my instagram favs from the last couple days.

tuesday at gunstock. (conditions were amazing! yay spring riding!) breakfast wednesday morning. sugar-free, low-carb creamsicle cupcakes (amazing!) and BACON!

i have a friend visiting this week, and yesterday the weather didn’t seem very friendly for skiing, so we just did a quick tiki tour of the surrounding new england goodness. (anyone who’s visited me will recognize these sights. i call it the quick and dirty encapsulating tour. :-D)

there is a naval shipyard here (trivia fact! my dad was stationed there when i was about 4…so, i lived here before i moved here as an adult. i didn’t really remember it, so it was interesting when my parents came to visit and pointed out places we’d gone. i’d just rattled “maine” off in my list of “places-i’ve-lived” but i didn’t realize i’d returned to my roots.), and there are also copious little lobster-fishing shacks full of lobster crates, boats, and signs that hawk their sea-bugs proclaiming “retail-wholesale”…yet when you knock on their door…appear deserted. ah well! our next stop was fort mcclary state park. i love that place! so much history, and the drive through kittery point is so magical, especially in summer. (new england in march is… its finest.) (in the distance in the middle and third pictures are tiny little dots on the horizon which are actually lighthouses.)

first…not my dinner…a lobster tank at fiddlehead farms. (i love the red with the turquoise blue.) my friend’s PILE of feast. i think it looks pretty hot sitting in my apartment (yeah, i have exposed brick! thanks, new england mill industry for dying down and leaving brick buildings to be repurposed!)

what are your favorite iphone apps?

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