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old school

now, this may come as a total shock to some of you, but…i like retro stuff.

yes. i know. you never would have guessed. my glasses and logo would tip off only the super-stealthiest of sleuths.

but i do!

which is why i am dedicating this whole post to new/recent finds that make my heart go pitter-patter with glee.

1. dave and polly. they’re getting married in tiverton, ri in september, and i’m excited, because we’ve got the same sort of aesthetic sense, i think. (well, it’s a safe assumption based on their wedding website, and the fact that she wore a SUPER CUTE polka-dotted top to our meeting.) they also won major points with me for…well, that deserves a number 2.

2. the friendly toast-portsmouth, nh. polly and i were discussing where we should meet, and even though they’re in boston, she said, “we’re always up for a visit to the friendly toast!” i thought, hmmm, this must be some kinda place if they’re VOLUNTEERING to drive over an hour north just to experience its goodness. and lo. it IS. it is AWESOME. it’s…hard to describe, too. all the tables/chairs/decorations/dishes are 100% gen-yoo-wine mid-century americana relics. it’s magnificent. and the food is awesome, too. my new favourite is the “almond joy” pancakes (sans almonds, so…really, more “mounds” pancakes.) they’re giant, big-as-your-plate flapjacks with coconut and chocolate chips. mmmmmm. open 24 hours. go. you won’t regret it.

3. at ben and claire’s wedding brian and natalie introduced themselves. they’ve got a letterpress business down in boston called dick and jane letterpress (recently written up in, uh, some…local wedding mag…as the most affordable option around for letterpressed invites! they told me what publication it was, but i forgot, and google didn’t help.) anyway, they’re both super fun, hip people, and their site design is quirky, cool, and professional. so…if you’re looking for an invite solution, check ’em out. tell them i sent you. (also, natalie plays harp at weddings sometimes, so…you could possibly kill 2 birds with one stone here.)

4. moxie design studios. i don’t have any need of design services right now, but if i did…they’re the first place i’d head. i lovelovelove their work. (the kind of love where you just sorta…visit the site every day just because it’s so cute and inspiring.)

leave me links if you’ve got anything else you think i’d love!

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Joelle13 March 2008 - 13:16

Well, aren’t you sweet? 😀 Thanks so much for the link love! We appreciate it. (Picked up our book yet? hint hint! hehehe! I kid…)
Seriously, we’re happy you enjoy your work. 🙂

Joelle13 March 2008 - 13:16

er… our work. I can’t type today. hehe

Joelle13 March 2008 - 13:18

ok, one more and then I swear I’ll shut up: I love your logo. Simple, retro yet modern and clearly “you”. Dig it!

gwyn13 March 2008 - 13:25

people…that’s joelle from moxie design studios. and she likes MY logo. wheeee!

Lauren21 March 2008 - 13:51

Friendly Toast! OOOOOOOH… Nick and I went there on our drive through Portsmouth on your suggestion. Amazing. We’re hoping to go back on some other near-future day trip, because… that menu was overwhelming and all looked so good….

PS – i love nat and b.

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