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my new home

i’m sure i’ve mentioned this, but i moved across the country in february. just…up and moved. (najib wasn’t a fan of the ride. not even a little bit.)

i’m now a happy pacific northwesterner.

you would be, too, if this was the view from your balcony! there’s also a really great view of mt. st helens, as well…but i call mt hood “my mountain”. i’ve been super close to the tippy top when snowboarding at timberline. i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of looking up and seeing this peak.

(these are posted according to the time of day they were taken.) i’m a lucky, lucky girl to have this view!

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Shyla20 August 2013 - 13:42

YOU MOVED?! I went to refer you a wedding in Durham only to find out you moved!!!!!

And you moved to my HOME. This is where I grew up and thats where all my family is. I see you have been there already 6 months, but I can connect you with people or make recommendations if you like.

Welcome to PDX and make sure to give my mountain all the love I cannot currently.


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