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you might have noticed a wee change…i’ve moved my blog right to the front…no more of that splash page silliness!  you want the updates right away, right?  (huge thanks/shout-out to houston photographer christine tremoulet‘s super-geek!  you rock!)

well…i’m just trying to make your lives easier.  so…the “regular site” is still there and totally accessible.  just look in the column on the right hand side…click on “portfolio-flash” if you’re on a high speed connection and like the bells and whistles, “portfolio-html” if you’re on dial-up–or, like me–don’t so much like the bells and whistles.


i got about 12 minutes of sleep last night getting ready for this last minute trip to florida.  i had laundry to do, gear to pack, and shoes to buy.


yes.  buying shoes was a crucial part of the recipe for floridian success.  i’m going to be on my feet 3 days straight shooting about 8 hours a day.  if i’m not wearing comfy shoes, i will wish death were upon me.  so i bought these.  and lo.  they are very, very comfortable.  HIGHLY recommended.  in fact…i am wearing them right now.  they are the only shoes i packed for my sojourn to the south (in the geographical rather than cultural sense)…course, their exclusive status is only because i couldn’t find my flip-flops…and around 1:30am, i decided they just weren’t that important!  excuse me, i need to go get sustenance and caffeine now.

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rachel3 April 2008 - 23:08

can’t wait to see the photos lucky girl!

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