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beantown, baby. (+ etc.)

on easter, i went to a sunrise service. the pastor had said the week before…”this is the latest sunrise you’ll ever have for easter, 6:30…” i figured i could probably manage that, and then i could forever remember the one year i got up to watch the sunrise on easter…and therefore sleep in without guilt. so, 6:30 found me joining a shivering throng down by the great bay near portsmouth. it was COLD that morning, and the service was short and kind of uninspiring, overall, until i got to go over by the water w/ my camera.

(i deliberately defocused this one…i wanted the softness and tranquility to shine through.) i like it.

(this photo was processed using a colour preset developed by my friend rachel @

================================================================then, last monday i got a call…

“we’re hangin’ out in boston this evening, if you wanna come join us for dinner.”

oh. well, i kinda did…but, that wasn’t much notice! but i rearranged my schedule and made it work. (thank you, tim gunn.)

i got there and found parking right away. (on the common/public gardens, no less!) the group i was chillin’ with included an out-of-town guest experiencing boston for the first time, so…of course we had to walk the red line. the old state house never fails to amuse/endear itself to me…i love seeing how little and old it looks in the midst of the bustling modern metropolis. charming.

but then i had to go back and feed the meter. (fyi: meters on the common go till 8pm, not 6. poo.) on the way back, i spied this incredible alley, and made amy pose for me…um, yeah. she looked fierce.

and…i liked the outfit i was wearing, so i told her to grab a few shots of me, too…but, uh…it was COLD. dang, gina!

[also…my hair had been in a ponytail, and it totally looked better up…:(]

(this isn’t really in focus, but it’s too funny not to share. elsewhere, i captioned it, “i met someone yesterday…at a park. some people might say he’s a little cold…a little stiff…but he just kept looking right at me.” hee hee.)

we ended our evening at finale. the desserts were very pretty, but…i wasn’t AWED by their awesomeness…it was a very nice place, and we had a 1.5 year old with us wanting to shove her fingers into the pretty coloured chocolate confections…and we we were windblown and had been walking around the city all evening. i think i enjoyed our tide-us-over cannoli from mike’s more. (and they were certainly more affordable, too!)

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Christine2 April 2008 - 12:02

The Old State House is one of my all time favorite places. I just adore Boston.

Hmm… can I figure out a way to get you to send me some marzipan from Mike’s? I’m not a cannoli girl, but that marzipan is the BEST. (I would also like some Regina’s from the North End, but I think that might be cold and sort of nasty by the time it gets here.)

rachel3 April 2008 - 23:06

nice use of the preset, hot stuff.

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