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danielle wrote to me a few months back…she grew up around dover, nh, but she lives in texas now.  they’d planned a family trip back to new england right at peak colour time…and she wanted to capture the amazing foliage…and the amazing energy of 20 month old alexis.

my october was pretty crazy (stay tuned), but we squeezed in an afternoon session the day before i went away for two weeks…i think we got some pretty fantastic images!

(doesn’t the background look almost like one of those horrible olan mills studio backdrops?  well it’s not…that’s 100% genuine new england fall foliage right there.)

she was NOT into sitting still there where the light was hitting her perfectly…that is until her dad gave her one of those giant snake-worms.  while i was going through the photos, i thought it was funny that while gender behaviours are noticable when kids are really little…until they pass toddlerhood, they’re all more or less the same.  bugs and dirt and frogs and snakes…they’re all totally awesome.  and then girls discover pink.  the end.  (or maybe they discover climbing trees in pink like i was into.)

shooting families with small children is a whole different challenge than photographing weddings…i’ve got lots of childcare experience, but translating that into getting them to cooperate with me and my camera…well, let’s just say worms help.

we were playing and throwing leaves into the air…this one cracks me up, because that is not chocolate on her mouth.  no, a 20 month old child would not have such a look of consternation if she were enjoying the sweet residue of chocolate.  oh no.  that is mud.  leaf mud.  i had to leave this one in the final set…when she’s all grown up and doesn’t eat dirt anymore, her parents will remember these days fondly and chuckle.

my dad totally did this with me when i was a kid…and it’s totally cheaper than paying for rollercoasters or skydiving.  ah, being 2…life was less complicated, huh?

and of course…boston…represent!

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Kim Robbins11 November 2008 - 04:30

What a great session! I love all the fall colors. Everything is already brown here in Cali. I’m so

gwyn11 November 2008 - 10:19

well, it’s all brown here now, too. heh.

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