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jessica & peter were sent my way by the awesome duo matt & liz of hinkley photo. they were already booked, and is it terrible to say that i am SO GLAD? well, too bad if it is, because…I AM SO GLAD!

jess & peter live in sunny-ish LA these days, but peter is from durham…so they are planning from afar for a fall nh wedding. they were in town for christmas, so i twisted their arms to come play in the snow with me.

doesn’t this make you want to PLAY?

ok, so…there are a few things to note about this picture.
1) they are adorable.
2) when i said, “um, will you maybe lay in the snow?” there was NO hesitation. love.
3) her ring is still on her finger.
4) snow makes fingers shrink.
5) her ring did not STAY on her finger.
6) i found it, though! in the snow! and it is a darn good thing, too…because otherwise i probably would have lived with eternal guilt.
7) did i already mention the cuteness?

jess and peter were champs on a really, really, really freaking COLD day…i’m looking forward to getting them in front of my camera again when it’s not a single digit temperature! can’t wait, guys! also…if i weren’t headed somewhere sunny and warm in less than a week, i’d be way more jealous of you guys living in sunny california right now.

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jess17 January 2010 - 23:53

did i thank you enough for finding my ring? if not, THANK YOU! and also, cannot wait for october. xoxo

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