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amanda & matt–engaged

1. amanda found me by GOOGLING. you have NO idea how happy that makes me. granted, it’s not like i was the first name up, but STILL…
(i have a major thing for google. i used to say “he” was my boyfriend…like, to the point that friends would say stuff like, “oh, i asked gwyn’s boyfriend how to fix the microwave…” true story.)

2. they are getting married on the beach and having their reception on a steamboat. in rye and portsmouth! all of those things also make me extremely happy. i love it when i only have a 20 minute drive home after a long day of work! and the beach…and a boat? AWESOME.

3. they hadn’t even signed a contract yet, but i said, “y’know…if we’re getting together anyway, let’s just do your engagement photos…” they’re getting married in less than 2 months, and i figured it would be easier to do it now than schedule another time to get together to do it. the sky started rumbling ominously and turning greyer and greyer. by the time i arrived, it was downpouring. guess prescott park was out as a photo location…no matter! they fulfilled 3 dreams for me…

exhibit a: starbucks window seat (which is not actually so much a seat as much as a large ledge where they put out free area maps)

exhibit b: where do you go when it’s raining? a parking garage…duh. there’s really interesting colour/texture/lighting in parking garages…promise.

i love this one in both b&w and colour…it’s just so peaceful, intimate, and all around delicious, don’t you think?

exhibit c: getting a couple to dance in the rain

this was, hands down, the fastest session i’ve ever done…but it was like the stars aligned and everything just WORKED. in every session, i usually reach a point where i just know i’ve got enough to work with…it’s just NEVER happened so quickly before!

amanda & matt…i can’t wait for your wedding…i’m so excited about EVERYTHING you’ve got planned! (and amanda…thanks for dancing in the rain for me. i hope you think the photos are worth the wet!)

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