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bek the sister

bek standing in for the bride & groom so i could

weekend update

this weekend my little sister (by 15 months, and she&#


i am a cat person. i love my furry little feline…

travel on the cheap

holy cows, guys! i’ve been booking travel for


happy new year, everyone! what’s the deal with

so, this one time…i actually ATTENDED a wedding.

my friends hannah and zach got married. and then they

new website!

well, it is 12:03am on 9.28.07…which means 2

new stuff

my new macbook pro arrived…it is glorious. it

family session

i feel so behind on life right now! and there’s

and the fib was…

i have not run any number of steps in the boston

last chance…

one more day to guess which thing is the fib on this

i’m it!

Margaret Singer-she of the rockstar hairdo-tagged me. I

Nick & Katie

I went to college with Nick. We were in the same

paper and ink

in this day of PDAs and iphones and…sync-ing

today’s dream

alternate title: proof that commercials really work! i


so, I need some help! My to-do list is so unbelievably

wedding cake inventiveness

weddings are this huge industry…I cannot even

geography related bitterness and affection

(and a lot of parenthetical expressions) first, the


This past weekend I went down to Rhode Island for my

who’s your daddy?

So, I am a total daddy’s girl…and I just