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welp…in a delightful turn of holiday events…i discovered some nefarious hackery went on at…as a result, this place is kind of in a shambles.  at least appearance-wise.  (nothing important has been lost, never fear!)  so, while i am mostly shaking my fist at the nameless, faceless buttheads that thought it would be a good idea to insert their stupid malware into my innocent little website, i’m also just a WEE bit excited for the kick in the pants.  i’ve been wanting to do some updates, and now i’ve got the motivation to do so!  however, it’s a LOT of work, and the next couple weeks are gonna be busy, so…


i’m still here; i’ve still got email/phone/twitter/coconut phone…well, no, no coconut phone, but wouldn’t that be cool?  your photos are still available, and if anyone has any questions, please just send me an email.  i got the contact form set up first thing!

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