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so, I need some help! My to-do list is so unbelievably long…and that includes SIX weddings I need to post here. My goal is to post one wedding per day for the rest of the week…if I don’t do it, harass me! gwynethcolleenphotography [at] yahoo [dot] com.

I had an amazing time in Indiana, and the 7.7.07 photos are…well, they’re a treat. Definitely worth the wait. I’ve done a LOT of traveling; I love to travel. I started when I was still in high school, and my first few overseas trips I packed in my dad’s seabag that he used to take on submarine trips. They’re like giant green canvas tubes that are sewn up at one end…not really strategic for compartmentalizing things for easy access. After a couple years of that, I switched to a regular duffel bag. The year I lived in New Zealand, I figured I was technically “backpacking”, so I bought a nice internal frame pack. At least it had pockets. I never once used a rolling suitcase…figured since I was doing the travel-on-a-budget, explore the unseen corners of the world type of travel, I should sort of “rough it” a bit.

I’m over that.

If rolling suitcases=air conditioned rooms with fluffy pillows and fruity mixed drinks out on the terrace…I’m soooo ready to be that kind of traveler. With an occasional side trip to the open air markets for street food. Being a photographer means that I cannot go anywhere without at least 5 bags hanging off of my two shoulders. People regularly ask me, “can I help you with that?” I always laugh, wave them off and say, “I do this every weekend!” And I do, but my shoulders/neck/back are starting to gently suggest, “you know, it wouldn’t kill you to let them take the laptop.”

All that to say–I may be looking for my first rolling suitcase this week. Once I can stand up straight again. And stay tuned for updates. I’ve got a lot of them up my sleeve.

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wedding cake inventiveness

weddings are this huge industry…I cannot even fathom it, and I am part of the machine. My sister got married a few years ago, so I remember concern over costs…from the big stuff like meals and venues all the way to smaller stuff like favors.

I have been obsessed with this penny-pinching idea ever since I read about it on One particular vendor appeals to budget conscious brides by allowing them to RENT a wedding cake. The cakes look beautiful and artistic; they’re decorated to match whatever extravagant idea the bride has in her mind’s eye… The secret element that allows them to go for the low, low* price of $150 is…they’re not really real. They’re styrofoam. The manufacturers even build in a special compartment where they’ll hide an actual piece of cake so that traditional brides can still feed their grooms some butter-creamy confection. (I find this part extremely amusing/resourceful/ridiculous.)

*But…$150 to RENT some fondant covered styrofoam? Seriously? I mean, sure…you can get just-as-delicious sheet cakes from the bakery, and you’re still saving money while maintaining appearances, but…$150 to RENT a “cake”? I suppose if you don’t have a sister who went to culinary school and worked in a bakery frosting wedding cakes for a while, that might be your best option. Thankfully, someday when my prandsome hince** comes along, I will be calling said sister and letting her know it’s time to go to Michael’s and buy some pre-cut styrofoam rounds and the cheapest, nastiest frosting they make. 😀

**What? you haven’t heard the age old tale of Rindercella and the Prandsome Hince?

Also, a real quick notification: I’m out of town/state until July 10/11-ish. I will be checking email as I get internet access, but as I’m sleeping on a different couch almost every night catching up with all my old college chums, I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to get back to you as quickly as I’d like. Please bear with me…and if you have my phone number, go ahead and give me a buzz!

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rachel6 July 2007 - 11:00

I still think you are crazy. CRAZY.

tasha8 July 2007 - 13:28

we did a reading of the prandsome hince at one of our ladies nite outs.. it was hilarious.

geography related bitterness and affection

(and a lot of parenthetical expressions)

first, the bitterness:

I think “Live Free or Die Hard” should have something to do with New Hampshire.


The reason I have any bitterness about that is because I *HEART* New Hampshire. I have since before I moved here. I was thrilled that the winding stream that is life deposited me here. And I’ve lived in my current apartment longer than I’ve lived anywhere since I graduated from college. (Coming up on a year without moving at all, baby! Maybe someday I’ll tell you about living overseas and going to grad school and then going overseas again and then job hunting and then picking up and moving w/o really having a job yet, because…you just gotta GO for it!, and the year I moved 3 times.)

I’ve mentioned this before, but I think Portsmouth, NH is pretty much the best city/town in the United States. I’m from upstate NY, as much as a Navy brat can be from anywhere (Ballston Spa…a very random, historic, and dichotomically charming and uninspiring small town north of Albany), but I love Portsmouth. It has the delicious historic district with the federal style houses painted marvelous colors that make my heart go pitter patter…old churches with amazing doors, stone and brick walkways; it exudes the very essence of New England. If I ever become a famous rockstar wedding photographer and can afford to live whereever I want, I will buy a brick home in Portsmouth.

So, Portsmouth and other NH brides…make my dream come true! I’ll take good care of you, I promise!

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rachel1 July 2007 - 00:49

I was wondering where you were going with this one… and then it tied together (?) in the end.

nose to the grindstone

i’ve been hiding this from you for months now: but i can’t hide it any longer. just for today, i’m going to let the real me peek through.

i hate capital letters. i appreciate punctuation and grammar and spelling…but i hate capital letters. it probably has more to do with my love of symmetry than with any particular affinity for e. e. cummings. in fact, it definitely does, because i don’t love e. e. cummings.

i’ve been using capital letters for professionalism’s sake…and, after today, i shall continue to do so (unless there is an overwhelming outpouring of support for my bold and vulnerable stand.)

all of that is neither here nor there, though.

my sister’s gone. she’s on her way back to new jersey. yesterday we went to boston, and on our way down we were listening to alanis morrissette and talking about “ironic”…and how it’s ironic that she wrote an un-ironic song about irony. it IS, however, ironic that new jersey is named “the garden state.” because…have you BEEN there? (to be fair, the part of jersey from which she hails is kind of green and full of flowers and trees and deer, etc…and it’s much closer to philly than nyc.)

this morning i’ve been plowing through halida and jeff’s wedding photos. family formals are usually a quick “line ’em up and shoot ’em…and move ’em out.” that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for creativity, but i still make an effort. i just LOVE the following image of jeff’s family. his parents are on the left, jeff and halida in the center (y’know, in case the white dress didn’t tip you off…), and jeff’s brother jonathan and his fiance caroline (seen in the below post–yeah, i LOVE this family!) are on the right.

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andrea3 July 2007 - 00:09

i am here to show “an overwhelming outpouring of support for [your] bold and vulnerable stand”. just say no to capital letters.

h&j5 July 2007 - 09:13

i agree…your personality, character, charm and incredible spirit scream professional AND fun so let go! you rock! thanks for everything. -h