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*i am a cat person *i prefer vanilla ice cream *i love my red chuck taylors, and polka dots...and red *i am a navy brat *i have a new zealand driver's license *i hate capital letters *i love to travel oh...and i am random. and i love photographing and getting to know new people.

strictly informational post

1.  the next month-ish is RIDICULOUS in gwyn-land.  i

op love

i really can’t emphasize enough how important

my nephew!

was born on monday.  my sister, bekah (who shall

ali & rob–engaged

rob & ali are getting married in less than a week&#

oh yeah…i’m in arizona

i forgot to tell you…i’m on vacation this

polly & dave–married

dave and polly are delightful.  DELIGHTFUL.  i was


so…here’s the thing. i love albums.  i

sob story

this is in no way related to photography… i just

i have amazing friends

my friend tammy of light crayon photography a wedding/


*side note…it is totally one of my irrational pet

destination: aotearoa

sooo…the thing with being a wedding photographer

hannah & jeff–married

hannah’s mom is a faculty member at wellesley, so

sara & rob–engaged

sara & rob got engaged in rockport, ma.  so…

willets homecoming

he left last september…few months of training,

aaannnndddd…we’re back!

first off…i am so sorry for the hiccup!  i’

wee girlies–my muses

a few years ago…in 2005, before i was REALLY into


i’ve got lots of things to blog about! a senior

um, thrilled.

remember claire and bobby?  they of the awesomeness&#

ordering prints–new options

hey there party people… i’m excited to

amanda & matt–engaged

1. amanda found me by GOOGLING. you have NO idea how